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Janet Fisher presents:
Music Horror Stories

(ISBN 0970356374)

From the opening band at Woodstock, to the girl who "couldn't" play for Bob Dylan, find out the REAL insider stories about the life of the working musician.

  • Nightmare on Music Street! This is no "Soup" book. Do NOT take this book to bed with you!

  • The best gift ever invented for Musicians and Performing Artists. You are not alone!

  • Experience the seedy underbelly of the Music Industry exposed by those who have seen it, felt it and smelt it!

  • Frighten your family and scare your music friends with grim tales the publicity departments are afraid to share!

  • Enter YOUR OWN Horror Story for the upcoming sequel.

Music Horror Stories book Janet Fisher

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Parent of an ex-wannabe

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Music Horror Stories book Janet Fisher

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MUSIC HORROR STORIES: A Collection Of Gruesome, True Tales
As Told By Actual Innocent Victims Seeking A Career In The Music Business

Exhumed and edited by Janet Fisher
Review by:
Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck  

Music Horror Stories” is a candid take on the music business and all of its harsh realities. The author Janet Fisher is a musician that has lived the life, so it is a subject matter that is close to her heart.  

Behind all the glitz and glamour, if you are lucky enough to get to that level in the business, is a long hard road that most all artists must travel. Some of the stories contained in this entertaining piece of literature range from funny to heartbreaking.  

I was so absorbed in this book I couldn’t put it down. If you are like me and you literally devour anything that has to do with the music industry, you will have this book finished in an afternoon sitting.  

It's easy to read and the stories are quick and to the point. No comment or situation is spared any niceties and nothing is sugar coated. This is a tell-like-it-is manual for the wannabe and the already-been-there music professional.   You may cry and laugh from story to story, particularly if you are in the business and have a story of your own to share.   It isn’t always pretty, folks, but that’s life on life’s terms.

Being a musician as your life’s work can be rewarding, but there is a price to pay. Read this book and find out what really happens behind the scenes. You will be surprised, and at times aghast, at what goes on in the music business on a regular basis.  

Contact the author, she has her own website and sends out a newsletter as well. You may find your story in the next volume of Music Horror Stories.  

Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck

# # # #

MUSIC HORROR STORIES: A Collection Of Gruesome True Tales
as told by actual innocent victims seeking a career in the
music business.
Exhumed & Edited by Janet Fisher
Review by:
Jodi Krangle, The Muses Muse

Janet apparently began this book as an exercise in catharsis of her own.  It
snowballed.  And what a snowball it has become.

Split into seven sections by theme, these musician horror stories range from
the silly to the truly tragic.  If you thought YOU had it bad, just read
some of these doozies and you'll think otherwise.  One woman fell down
sixteen steps of stairs just before her "Big Gig" and was in a hospital for
17 days recovering.  Another fellow was part of a seven-man act he was
certain was going to make it big - until one member decided to get strung
out on drugs and lose it in front of the record exec. that was just about to
sign them.  And in the great tradition of "gigs from hell", one woman played
at a local songwriter showcase in a venue that had booked a bachelorette
party - complete with a male stripper!

This is only a small sampling of what can be found in the pages of this very
educational book. Some stories made me wince in sympathy while others made
me giggle with amusement.  The good, the bad and the ugly.  It's all within
the bound pages of MUSIC HORROR STORIES.  Not only that, but some of the
stories are from people you might recognize from RMMS
(rec.music.makers.songwriting) and some are well known songwriters and
authors such as Jerry Cupit, Harriet Schock and John Braheny.

In fact, if you have your OWN horror stories, there's even instructions in
the back of the book so that you can submit your
cautionary tales to Janet for the next edition.

What's my verdict?  If you want to hear about some of the scams that are out
there; if you want to learn from others' mistakes
about how to prepare for gigs or how to guard yourself against getting
ripped off, or if you simply want to know that you're not
alone, I recommend you pick this book up and read it cover to cover.  I did.
I couldn't put it down.  And when I was done, you know what?  I even felt
# # # #

Music Horror Stories
A Collection of Gruesome True Tales
as Told by Actual Innocent Victims Seeking a Career in the Music Business
Dan Kimpel

They prowl the shadows seeking the unwary; they are bloodsuckers, human
leeches, foul creatures who feast upon human flesh and suck out the souls
hidden within.

Welcome to the music business.

For every ersatz cowboy, cloned boy band and millionaire diva in rehab,
there's another thousand who remain unheard. Right now they're circling the
crossroads, trapped with evil-smelling bands in smoky, decrepit vans,
praying for the gilded gig to take them one step closer to platinum-land.
Now, for the first time ever, Music Horror Stories... presents these music
industry hopefuls as they confide their lurid, unabridged tales of the black
holes they've encountered on the road to success.

Goodnight Kiss is a Hollywood-based music publishing firm notable for its
unequivocal support of songwriters, artists and musicians. When the
company's founder, Janet Fisher, first shared her own story ("Me "n'
Motown") in her firm's far-reaching newsletter, others came forth with their
similar stories. And in an old musical tradition -- like a host of demented
guitarists trying to best one another in a dizzying battle of choruses --
and, "Oh yeah, I can top that" attitude turned up the volume. Before long,
forty-nine other stories had bonded with Fisher's tale, ultimately unfolding
into a book of mind-bending proportions.

To be sure, there is plenty of mind expansion in this volume; it's covered
by the stories selected for the chapter titled "Intoxicating Rhythms." There
are also sections dubbed "Choruses of Fear," The Road Goes On Forever,
"Short Takes," "Songs in the Key of Screwed," and the beautifully
self-explanatory, "Bookings in Hades."

Creating a career in the music business can be an uphill battle, but it
makes for some damn entertaining reading. So whether you yourself are a
musician, or if you like music, or God help you -- if your daughter or son
has a fresh tattoo, purple hair and an unlikely piercing and is begging you
for a guitar -- then you must experience Music Horror Stories... and
remember: if the music is loud enough, no one will ever know if you're
laughing or screaming.

Join various contributing authors on July 22, 2001, at Portrait Of A
Bookstore, Studio City, California, 2:00 PM for a personal signing party.


Music Horror Stories
A Collection of Gruesome True Tales
as Told by Actual Innocent Victims Seeking a Career in the Music Business

Edited by Janet Fisher
Price: $15.95
Format: Trade Paper
ISBN: 097035637-4
Publication date: July 1, 2001
Distributed through musichorrorstories.com

Call (808) 331-0707 with any questions.

OUTSIDE THE U.S.? Please order through AMAZON.com

_______The Authors and Table Of Contents

How it started:
The Company:
For almost twenty years, our music publishing company Goodnight Kiss Music,
in Hollywood, California, has been placing songs into Film and Television and providing
special music for all types of professional projects and uses. We were featured Nov. 2000
as one of L.A.'s top five "Maverick" Publishers in the LA MUSIC CONNECTION magazine. 
Our credits:

We are a serious company in the real business of music. We are proud of the projects
we produce, and feel that they compete in quality with more major corporate works.  We
sign only songs competitive with the BEST of what's being played on the radio, but we are also
known for our special projects, one of which is this book, containing fifty stories from musicians
around the world about their hysterically funny and touchingly nostalgic attempts to survive the
Music Business.

The Book:
When we published an article on our website, a "horror story" about when I had first arrived
in Hollywood, we had such great response, we "topiced" the same in a Halloween Newsletter
with stories contributed by the subscribers (both pros and newcomers in the business.)
When THAT was a big success within the subscriber base (and our office), we decided to expand to a physical book. We invited the writers we work with to submit stories for the project, and they
did not disappoint us.

"MUSIC HORROR STORIES" is a GREAT book for anyone who has dealt with the
Entertainment Industries on a professional level. It also makes a lot of sense for those who
are thinking about entering into music as a career. As it is written by a variety of authors, the
flavors and experiences are quite a feast, and for the most part told very intimately.

As a company we must admit we also find FUN to be a motivator in the projects we
produce, such as the book, and our current contest with music complimetary to the
book AND media party. I think that fun work projects are the reason our company thrives.
We love what we do, so we do it hour upon hour with great passion.

The Contests:
We also like being able to offer our contests to all for free.
Contest Rules:

There is NEVER a fee for the writers or artists to enter or be involved with
GOODNIGHT KISS publishing or recording projects.  Our company is here to create
income from the Industry through a writer's/artist's work, not through them as a consumer.

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